Press Kit

Press Kit

Long Tall Deb is the illegitimate love child of Al Green and Gladys Knight. ~Producer, Songwriter & Musician Chris Butler (The Waitresses)

Colin John, the fretboard worrier from Hawaii, possesses jaw-dropping skill displayed by his command of quality blues, filthy funk and soul featuring the sort of plank-spanning heroics that Hendrix would have made had he joined a surf band”~Dorset Echo (UK)

(Long Tall Deb & Colin John) have made an inspired album with “Dragonfly”. Blues, surf guitar, Americana- it’s all there and it’s great!”~Bill Hall, Veteran DJ 

Long Tall Deb raises attitude to a new latitude. Her songs cook with more smoke and sauce than all of Memphis, and her soul will break your back. Colin John’s guitar flogs you with a cotton branch ’til you bleed honey. Together they ride a nobrakes rhythm section locomotive to a time when the rooms were red, the music was black and the untold tales waited patiently for the coming of the voice worthy of the telling. Get ready. Here she comes.”
Terry Abrahamson, Grammy-winning songwriter (Muddy Watters, George Thorogood, Joan Jett)

Long Tall Deb made the stage her own with a devil-may-care presence and a voice that sounded like Koko Taylor.”
Lynn Saxberg, Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa Canada

Long Tall Deb confronts “Traveling Riverside Blues” and the famous Robert Johnson and Led Zep versions and now she owns the song. It’s very hard to do a classic like this without diluting it, but Deb puts her own mojo on it. I was thrilled to be onstage with her and all the fine players on this version. Very appropriate that we did it in Memphis!”
Bob Margolin, Legendary Guitarist
and Muddy Waters Band Veteran

Deb Landolt mesmerised the audience with her stunning vocals.”
Kathmandu Post Review
Kathmandu, Nepal

…And then Long Tall Deb starts to sing. Suddenly, all guests are under her spell… a tremendous voice!”
Samuel Schumacher
Kathmandu Post, Kathmandu, Nepal

Landolt was quite the firecracker right from the moment the set began, imploring the small yet enthusiastic audience into being as raucous and connected with the band as was possible.”
Alden DSilva, Popsplat,
Mumbai, India

It’s understandable if you rub your eyes a bit the first time you catch Long Tall Deb Landolt onstage. Not only is she really tall, she belts out the blues more like Aretha than, say, Bonnie Raitt.”
Richard Ades, The Other
Paper, Columbus, Ohio

CD Review Quotes

Strikingly original…Her lyrics break new thematic ground.
Richard Skelly,
Blues Music Magazine

Her style blends Soul, Gospel and Americana into her own unique sound. And I love it. This should be in everyone’s cd collection if you have ears.
A.J. Wachtel,
Boston Blues Blog

Raise Your Hands is both a testimony to the power of the blues and an indirect acknowledgement of its role in furthering the Gospel.”
Michael McDowell,
Editor, Blitz Magazine

Showcases Landolt’s raucous vocals…the best mix of Koko Taylor’s heart and Etta James’ soul on these fiery performances! Reverend Keith A.

Mandatory listening for all aspiring female vocalists! Deb puts on a singing class for anyone interested in learning the perfect usage of vocal range. She pretty much assembled the number of – as well as quality of – musicians you’d commonly see at a two day blues festival!
Peter “Blewzzman” Lauro,

Long tall Deb has a vocal growl that rises up out of a swamp groove with a soul/gospel delivery!”
Danny McCloskey,
The Alternate Root

a broad, booming vocal presence…a richly textured album…she’s definitely a star on the rise!”
Don & Sheryl’s Blues Blog

Long Tall Deb (Deb Landolt) comes to the stage firing on all six, cocky, confident, and, when necessary, cool as you please… Y’ain’t gonna run across this very damn often.
Mark S. Tucker, Folk and
Acoustic Music Exchange

You will play this until your CD player burns out….a straight ahead force of nature that is strong and long on talent!”
Chef Jimi Patricola, Blues411

Long Tall Deb Landolt, is a marvelous singer that can range from a whisper to a scream…she possesses a rich, expressive voice…sings in a natural fashion exhibiting nuance as well as power. Wonderfully soulful performances”
Dr. Blues,
In A Blue Mood Blog

Just run down the list of contemporary female artist of the year nominees at the Blues Music Awards and you’ll see some heavyweight performers. Well, brace yourselves, because the newest addition to that list has arrived, and in a big way – “Long Tall Deb” Landolt.
John Luttrell,

Any singer who opens her record “Sitting outside with a shot of Drambuie, contemplating love in the moonlight” has got my ear. (Long Tall Deb) Landolt is a powerful singer who was raised in the dirt of Texas blues and she writes with a keen, songwriter’s eye.
Art Tipaldi, Blues Revue

Despite an abundance of blues rockers across the globe these days, Long Tall Deb & the Drifter Kings of Columbus, Ohio, still manages to carve its niche with this eleven-track, all-original debut.”
Dan Willging, Blueswax

I’ve really been taken by the whole package. Her voice is very expressive and carries loads of truth and emotion and the band is up to carrying her soulfulness!”
Mike Reisz, WDPS-FM,
Dayton, Ohio

It’s understandable if you rub your eyes a bit the first time you catch Long Tall Deb Landolt onstage. Not only is she really tall—more than 6 feet—but she’s a tall blonde. And she belts out the blues more like Aretha than, say, Bonnie Raitt. In fact, the Texan-born Buckeye plays not only the blues but soul and R&B, in addition to boogie-woogie and other styles. Deb and the Drifter Kings’ 2010 debut album, Diamonds on the Desert Floor, is a powerhouse collection of original numbers.
Richard Ades, The Other
Paper, Columbus, Ohio

Deb sings like a caged animal whose emotions are barely being held in check…if this CD is any indication, Deb and the band are destined for bigger and better things”
Steve Jones,
Blues Blast Magazine

I have been deeply touched everytime I have listened to this album”
Mladen Loncar,
Radio Krizevci, Croatia



Promo Photos

Photo Credit: Matt Giordano
/Matt Gio Photos

Recent Appearances
  • Himalayan Blues Festival
    Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Ortona Blues Fest
    Ortona, Italy
  • Patan Museum Sessions
    Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Phoenix Marketplace
    Chennai, India
  • RCB RoyalBank Blues Fest
    Ottawa, Canada
  • Silver Dollar Room
    Toronto, Canada
  • Loft Studios                   Birmingham, UK
  • Trend & Blues Fest
    Ruffano, Italy
  • Crown Inn:               Bridport,Dorset, UK
  • Windmills Craftworks
    Bangalore, India
  • Big Island Brewhaus Waimea, Hawaii
  • Blue Dragon Kawaihae, Hawaii
  • Buckingham’s Blues Ft Myers, Florida
  • Buddy Guy’s Legends
    Chicago, Illinois
  • Canal Winchester Blues and Ribfest
    Canal Winchester, Ohio
  • Canton Blues Festival
    Canton, Ohio
  • Capital Oyster Bar       Birmingham, Alabama
  • Comfest
    Columbus, Ohio
  • Creekside Blues Festival
    Gahanna, Ohio
  • Darwin’s Burgers & Blues                  Atlanta, Georgia
  • Daytona Blues Festival      Daytona Beach, Florida
  • Earl’s Hideaway               Sebastian, Florida
  • Englewoods on Dearborn Englewood, Florida
  • Franklin Blues Festival    Franklin, Pennsylvania
  • Gertrude’s Jazz Bar              Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
  • Juke Joint Festival         Clarksdale, Mississippi
  • High Dive                        Gainesville, Florida
  • Hot August Blues Festival
    Kenlake State Park, Kentucky
  • Kona Brewing Company       Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
  • House of Blues
    Cleveland, Ohio
  • Kent Blues Fest
    Kent, Ohio
  • Kentucky State BBQ Festival
    Danville, Kentucky
  • Midland Theater
    Newark, Ohio
  • Oldtown Lansing Blues Fest
    Lansing, Michigan
  • Red White & Blues Festival
    Marietta, Ohio
  • River City Ohio Blues Fest
    Marietta, Ohio
  • Rosa’s Lounge
    Chicago, Illinois
  • Rum Boogie Café
    Memphis, Tennessee
  • Slippery Noodle Inn
    Indianapolis, Indiana
  • South Mountain International Blues Festival
    Essex County, New Jersey