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Raise Your Hands reviewed by Denny Gibson

Solid! That word entered my head the instant I heard the snare drum snap that starts of the first track of Raise Your Hands and it stuck with me throughout […]


Diamonds on the Desert Floor in Blueswax!

From Blueswax April 29, 2011 A Fiery Feminine Point of View Blueswax Rating: 9 by Dan Willging Despite an abundance of blues rockers across the globe these days, Long Tall […]


Art Tipaldi Reviews Diamonds On the Desert Floor

Blues Revue March/ April Issue, 2011 By Art Tipaldi Any singer who opens her record “Sitting outside with a shot of Drambuie, contemplating lady love in the moonlight” has got […]

MORE >> Reviews Diamonds

Reviewed by John Luttrell, Fulltime January 2011 Over the last few years, the female Blues belter scene has become rather populated with some extremely talented women. Just run down […]


Blues Blast Magazine reviews Diamonds On the Desert Floor

April 23, 2010 by Steve Jones, Crossroads Blues Society In my continuous quest to listen first, research second when I get a new band’s CD, I was a bit taken aback […]