Long Tall Deb and Colin John

Long Tall Deb raises attitude to a new latitude. Her songs cook with more smoke and sauce than all of Memphis, and her soul will break your back. Colin John’s guitar flogs you with a cotton branch ’til you bleed honey. Together they ride a no-brakes rhythm section locomotive to a time when the rooms were red, the music was black and the untold tales waited patiently for the coming of the voice worthy of the telling. Get ready. Here she comes.”
Terry Abrahamson, Grammy-winning songwriter
for Muddy Waters, George Thorogood and Joan Jett

Long Tall Deb and Colin John combine a genre-bending and refreshingly original new sound on their new VizzTone EP “Streets of Mumbai”. The richly-textured sound incorporates world influence with a soul-blues base picked up on their travels throughout India, Hawaii and the American South.

The richly-textured layers on “Streets of Mumbai” incorporate world influence with a soul-blues base picked up on their travels throughout India, Nepal, Hawaii and the American South. The EP has climbed high on Blues, Americana and Jam Band charts, a testament to its crossover appeal.

Their profound chemistry translates into live performances that are simultaneously engaging and incendiary as they connect with each other and audiences around the world in a positive, uplifting and inspiring way. Clearly, they love what they do and love the audiences for whom they entertain.

The pair have opened theater shows for BB King and Robert Cray, and played to standing ovations for enthusiastic club and festival audiences in India, Nepal, and across the United States, Canada and Europe.

Long Tall Deb

It’s not just her honey and molasses-soaked voice, who described as “the best mix of Koko Taylor’s heart and Etta James’ soul” or her keen, nuanced songwriting that blend experience with a hint of mysticism (Long Tall Deb’s Texas/Mexico border roots are never far away from her songwriting). What Long Tall Deb brings to the studio and the stage is nothing short of one-of-a-kind. She goes beyond the “my-man-done-me-wrong” songs to paint a stunning picture that is deep, full-bodied and a reflection of who she is, as evidenced on her well-received VizzTone debut “Raise Your Hands”.

Colin John

An accomplished, versatile musician, Colin John commands the stage with both his guitar prowess and passionate singing. Coming from The Big Island of Hawaii, this Transpacific Bluesman is internationally regarded and recognized as a unique musician, possessing equal skill on acoustic, resonator and electric guitars. As a slide player, Colin’s facility as both lap and bottleneck styles-as well as a formidable fingerpicker- is impressive. His command and synthesis of genres including blues,soul and Hawaiian was described by the British music magazine Mojo as “Ferociously entertaining funked-up R&B” by Blues Revue as,”Mississippi Meets Maui”.

In addition to live performances, Colin works with the Maui-based Arts Education for Children Group helping children to realize their musical ambitions through learning about the blues and performing.

Colin endorses and is a featured artist at