Article from UK Tour in “Dorset Echo”

Excerpt from Article
By Nick Horton
printed in the Dorset Echo (United Kingdom)
June 23, 2017

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THOSE of you who witnessed and enjoyed guitar genius Colin John’s gig at The Star in Weymouth earlier this year will probably have managed to close your gaping collective cakeholes by now, such was the jaw-dropping skill displayed by the fretboard worrier from Hawaii.

If you were there and want a repeat, or if you missed him and want to enjoy an evening of quality blues, filthy funk and soul featuring the sort of plank-spanking heroics that Hendrix would have made if he joined a surf band, then you have three chances this weekend.

Colin is doing a short tour of Dorset and he’s at The Crown in Bridport tonight, Friday, June 23, back at The Star in Weymouth tomorrow, Saturday, June 24 and rocking the rock at The Britannia on Portland on Sunday, June 25.

And, to further enhance your earhole pleasure, this time he’s joined by long-time collaborator Long Tall Deb, so called because that’s her name and she’s quite tall.

And Deb Landolt also has a soul, gospel and Americana voice that has earned comparisons to Robert Plant, Etta James and Bonnie Raitt, which is no mean feat, is it?

Colin and Deb will be joined by their crack band of Smudge Smith on guitar and tub-thumping titan Chris Page while Chris Lonergan will be displaying a firm grip on his bottom end, as ever.

Promises to be a great series of gigs, so do yourself a favour and catch at least one, okay?