Trifecta: Three Shows with Buzz

The Other Paper, Columbus Ohio, December 2, 2010

Long Tall Deb and the Drifter Kings

Saturday (Dec. 4), 9 p.m., Woodlands Tavern

It’s understandable if you rub your eyes a bit the first time you catch Long Tall Deb Landolt onstage. Not only is she really tall—more than 6 feet—but she’s a tall blonde. And she belts out the blues more like Aretha than, say, Bonnie Raitt. In fact, the Texan-born Buckeye plays not only the blues but soul and R&B, in addition to boogie-woogie and other styles. Deb and the Drifter Kings’ 2009 debut album, Diamonds on the Desert Floor, is a powerhouse collection of original numbers whose only fault is their occasional tendency to fade away rather than come to a satisfying conclusion. Presumably, there will be no fading away on the Woodlands stage. The C-Notes, a vocal trio, will share the stage. Cover: $7.

Richard Ades